On Motherhood { 63 images } Created 3 Dec 2013

This collection of images was shot with the Hipstamatic iPhone app, conveying the beauties and struggles of being a new mom. Because it was difficult to hold my amazing newborn and large DSLR simultaneously, I grabbed my iPhone and started shooting.

The images follow our son, Quinn, through his first year of life. After his birth, feelings of overwhelming joy came hand-in-hand with feelings of unexpected loneliness and isolation. It is my hope that these images will help other moms who've felt those extremes to realize… it's okay. It's okay to struggle with sense of self, especially in a country where we, as women, think we must be superheroes, both as mothers and as professionals.

Torn as I was, at times, between sadness and joy does not mean my baby boy isn't the beat to my heart. On the contrary, Quinn has helped me dig deeper into my being than I ever imagined possible.

From his first breath and his first cry to his first smile and his first laugh. From the first time I nursed him through sickness to his first steps and his first words, he has helped pull me from the cocoon of early motherhood into the beautiful challenge of being a mom and, ultimately, of being truly human.
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